ck censored

Calvin Klein incites action from trigger-happy censors with another provocative commercial for their Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. Still expect print ads in March magazines and splashed on city billboards, but the TV spots are banned in the U.S., though the company is editing them for cable (uncensored commercials will be aired in some European countries).

The brand is notorious for pushing the boundaries and attention-grabbing controversy, from the 80’s jeans ad with a young Brooke Shields to last year’s banned Secret Obsession fragrance spots with Eva Mendes. This time around, CK’s lascivious ads feature brand favourites Anna Jagodzinska, Edita Vilkeviciute, Natasha Poly, Natalia Chabanenko and Anna Selezneva cavorting on a dingy couch with male models—all only wearing their CK Jeans and nothing more of course. Shot by Steven Meisel (who also did the banned Secret Obsession ads), the ads appear intentionally grainy and creepily voyeuristic, as if seen through a TV or computer monitor. It’s a little obvious with the ‘sex sells’ marketing tactic and mundane staging, but suits CK’s minimalist and racy brand identity. 

Check out one of the banned ads with Anna and Edita (NSFW)

If youtube doesn’t work, screen the commercial at WWD or

images: models/wwd

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