not quite

Dang, I thought today would be another almost-summer day in Vancouver, warm enough to transition to a more spring wardrobe—read skirt, dressy t-shirt and sunglasses, but I spoke too soon. I was tricked by yesterday’s amazing weather! It’s not quite time to don summery threads just yet, as I was shivering in the wind today and uselessly wearing sunnies.

But I’ll take this as a opportunity to post a great street style shot of Magdalena and Olga during Paris fashion week of what I would have been better off wearing! I love Magdalena’s contrasting pairing of a girly dress with a tough leather jacket. But um, no comment on the absolute slimness of their legs! Guess that’s comment enough.

And the evening after posting about denim shirts, I find one hanging on the back of the bathroom door… belonging to my mom no less! Either she’s pretty in the know or so out of it, she’s hip??

image: jak&jil

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  1. Yeah, I’m not such a big fan either of the too slim legs and etc. But I also adored the look and even think that the big hair makes it more contrasting with the girlie dress. Very funky indeed.


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