gap’s khaki collaborations

As previously reported on, pictures of the upcoming CFDA/Gap khaki collaboration with Alexander Wang, Vena Cava and Albertus Swanepoel are out. The celebrated milliner, Swanepoel contributed five khaki hats while  Wang designed two jackets, pants and shorts and Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock created two dresses and pants. A print campaign featuring the designers and models Raquel Zimmermann, Anna Jagodzinska, Arlenis Sosa Pena and Coco Rocha is expected to accompany the special line.

Prices for this collaboration are definitely a step up from previous ones, which centered around re-interpreting the classic white shirt. Wang’s khaki motorcycle jacket and double-breasted trench and the Vena Cava dresses are $94 apiece, while Swanepoel’s toppers are $44.50.

I have my eye on Wang’s casual trench, which riffs off the coveted herringbone coat from his Fall/Winter 2008/09 collection – compare and contrast! Course I always end up changing my mind when I see the actual clothes in store because of quality and fit, so I’ll report back come June 16 when the collaboration hits stores!

sources/images: nitrolicious/racked/refinery29/tfs

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