what kind of fuckery is this?

Today was a low day for fashion no question. First off…

Yes, that blight on the right is Madonna’s boy toy Jesus Luz in Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter 2009/10 menswear ad, in the foreground of D&G mainstays like David Gandy, Noah Mills and Adam Senn.  Seriously? Seriously?! I guess bumping uglies Madonna will get you everywhere. The ad itself doesn’t break new ground and follows the same old D&G formula with photographer Steven Klein shooting male models in suggestive poses in dark settings. Eva Herzigova looks pretty much unrecognizable and Jesus Luz looks weirdly Photoshopped. They could have done much better, especially minus Jesus. Major fail in my books.

Second and more WTF is the super-lazy Harper’s Bazaar July cover (above left), where they use a paparazzi shot of Angelina Jolie from Getty to accompany a Naomi Wolf essay entitled “Why Women Want Angelina Jolie’s Life.” Why indeed Harper’s Bazaar?? For a respected and established fashion publication, the cover’s a little mind-boggling to me. For one, it’s doesn’t look to be done in an intentionally ironic way like the November 2007 art issue of W, which used Richard Prince’s “rephotographs” of Hollywood actresses on the red carpet (Angelina included) to comment on mass media and celebrity. And it looks no better than an US Weekly cover, which is quite a shame since Bazaar has an iconic history of photos and covers done by great photographers and artists like Avedon, Brodovitch and Lindbergh. It seems like Bazaar is either cutting corners by using a paparazzi photo instead of setting up their own shoot with Jolie or are going for the easy sell to the masses by pandering to the rampant cult of celebrity and tabloid journalism.

Sadly, Bazaar had a great shoot of Doutzen Kroes by Terry Richardson at their disposal (above right), but instead opted to use it for their subscriber’s cover (which are infinitely more creative and superior to the newsstand covers of late). I’m not even a fan of Doutzen, but have to say this cover is much more appropriate for a fashion magazine than the Angelina paparazzi shot. No doubt a cover with Angelina Jolie (well-done or not) will outsell a cover with Doutzen, who’s barely known outside fashion circles aside from her Victoria’s Secret work but really…WTF Bazaar???

images: wwd/bazaar/luxx@tfs


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5 responses to “what kind of fuckery is this?

  1. peek-a-boo

    Primo – that D&G ad has a lot of catty tongues wagging including moi LOL.Jesus looks oddly photo imposed in the shot.Notice how the skin tone of his face and neck do not match that of his body.And that hair parting of his is dorky.There seems to be a lot going on in this shot,don’t ask me what but I only have eyes for Noah Mills.
    More tongue wagging about that Bazaar cover.Its a lovely picture but it doesn’t look like a recent one to me.I don’t see the clever botox work I noticed in pictures when she hit the Cannes Film festival.(I was there but I didn’t see her on the red carpet with Brad.I did see Tarantino but no one seems to care LOL!)Anyway I agree its really super lazy and even pathetic of Bazaar to cheat on a cover like this.Come on people we’re talking about BAZAAR for goodness sake.Heavens to Betsy Bloomingdales was it really to save money? OR is Naomi Wolf and the Bazaar team cleverly licking the right boots and ahem appropriate places now for a future project with Angie’s next child?Its buzzing all around she wants another baby.She’s after Octopussy Nadya Suleiman’s placenta crown or what?!!Yeah Sarah … WTF is going on!
    Also today in Paris some Picasso sketchings were stolen in broad daylight in his museum that has like up to 2000 visiters a day.The thief supposedly just opened the showcase and took them.Just like that!In front of everybody!Where was the guard?Where was the camera?WTF is going on!
    Phew… I’m going to have some cheesecake to calm me down LOL!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jean!!

    Glad you agree! Jesus does look weirdly lighted and so out of place, just a bad Photoshop job! Those always confuse me, shouldn’t they be better at it and do good-looking models need to be crazily Photoshopped? My fave out of the guys is also Noah Mills (have you ever seen Adam Senn on the City?? hahaha).

    And the Angelina pic isn’t recent at all, it’s from the premiere of Benjamin Button last December. Maybe I’m overreacting but I thought Bazaar was better than this… 😦 But both stories definitely have people talking!

    Haha, how did Tarantino look in person?? Where do you live? Do you live near Cannes or were you visiting?

    What? That’s crazy! Can’t believe the thieves were so bold to commit the crime in the open like that, going to Google that now…

    Thanks for commenting… I hope your cheesecake calmed you down! I’m a little less worked up now… give it time.


  3. peek-a-boo

    Sarah I’m now told the Picasso theft happened in the early morning when the museim was empty.I guess my informer was over enthusiastic and got carried away.
    I live in Paris and was in Cannes for a few days for the festival.My grandfather lives not too far away so I’m lucky to crash at his place.Anyway I love going there as the Cannes Film Festival is just so corny,kitchy,glamorous and hilarious.The atmosphere is crazy and there’s so much nonsense going on one is never bored.Of course the whole thing may seem like a trashy circus but that’s what I like about it.Horrible but fun.
    Uhh Tarantino looked like …. uhh Tarantino.He’s very tall btw but kinda scary looking.On the red carpet he did a dance for the photogs.I wasn’t up close so I didn’t really know why he did it.Also my view was blocked by an effing geriatric false blonde wanabe Ivana Trump in a leopard print jumpsuit.
    Where are you based Sarah?I hope you don’t mind if I mentioned your blog to my colleauges.

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    Hey Jean, all the rumors around the Picasso theft sound very mysterious… I thought the museum would have better security!

    Cool, I traveled to Paris and Cannes a few years ago, staying in each place for a week, and loved it! But the blazing weather in Cannes fried my iPod. Tarantino sounds like a hoot, are you interested in watching his new movie? I sort of am but it sounds pretty gruesome.

    I live in Vancouver. I should put up an About Me page, but am lazy and shy haha. I’ll get around to it someday… I really don’t mind you mentioning my blog at all, thank you in fact!!! 🙂


  5. peek-a-boo

    Sarah I went to Tarantino’s film opening at the Cannes Fest.Actually that was my aim of the trip to Cannes this year as I’m a big Tarantino/Brad Pitt fan.I planned my stay there around his film opening.I know someone who got me ticket entries for a friend and myself.The film is AWESOME!It got good reviews.Not great but good enough reviews.Its quite chilling so be prepared for ugly surprises.
    As for your ‘About Me’ page…Hey its YOUR blog so you have every right to be lazy and shy (LOL).I kinda understand as I am lazy myself.And shy!It took me a long time to reveal myself.So take your time hun and live your life.And Blog!

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