bad business

“It doesn’t happen in front of anyone. It happens in the dark recesses. Pretty much every girl I have talked to has a story like it, but no one talks about it. It’s all under the radar because people are embarrassed and because the people in the industry who are doing these things are much more powerful, and the model is totally disposable. She could be gone in two years.”

— former model Sara Ziff on sexual harassment and abuse in the modeling industry, from a Guardian UK article about her documentary Picture Me.

Ziff’s film goes behind the scenes and chronicles her time as a model for the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Dolce and Gabbana, and features interviews with fellow models Diana Dondoe and Lisa Cant. As much as I love the end result—editorials, ads, runway shows—of the modeling industry, it’s quite sobering and sad to hear the exploitative and gruesome things that can happen behind the scenes.

image: bwgreyscale via tfs


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2 responses to “bad business

  1. peek-a-boo

    Gosh I’m on my lunch break and I can hardly finish my sandwich at the thought of this article.Its creepy.I’d like to see the film one day.I wonder what Diana Dondoe has to say about it.I like her as a model altho I think she’s kind of retired now.

    Picasso theft update: Now the authorities aren’t sure at all what happened.It could have happened in broad daylight afterall.Anything’s possible between Monday and Tuesday morning when someone discovered the showcase opened and empty on the 1st floor where there’s no camera or guard.The book of sketches is worth about 8 million euros but insured for over a 100.Gasp!!!
    I love Picasso and have spent many hours wandering in his Museum but I don’t remember ever seeing this particular showcase with the sketchings in it.Hmm.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    The article details some really ugly and sick incidents! I’m curious to see the film too but wonder if it will disenchant fashion for me. I remember watching this British documentary on modeling agencies for a journalism class in high school and it painted the industry as a prostitution ring! Gross!!

    It’s amazing that they can’t pinpoint the details of the theft, especially of artwork so expensive, 8 million euros! Sounds a little fishy, no?

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