what would coco do in vancouver and bazaar’s bizarre explanation

  • Coco Rocha (pictured with her new black hair) gives Modelinia advice on what to hit up in our mutual hometown of Vancouver (she’s from Richmond, a suburb). Stanley Park? For sure. Poutine?? Definitely!!! / Modelinia
  • Harper’s Bazaar‘s rationale for their much maligned paparazzi July cover of Angelina Jolie?? According to their spokesperson, Bazaar conducted a poll and women are “completely fascinated by Angelina Jolie.” Obviously, this had to be reported to readers immediately using a quickie tabloid image for their cover and a Naomi Wolf essay that concludes “women not only want to be Angelina, but sleep with her, too.” Truly riveting. And with the bonus of the fashion-forward Doutzen Kroes subscriber’s cover,  Bazaar says “either way, the reader wins.” I say Bazaar totally loses… credibility. / FWD
images: ohsococo/my own


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2 responses to “what would coco do in vancouver and bazaar’s bizarre explanation

  1. peek-a-boo

    Coco looks okay with black hair.Anyway with rampant photoshopping these days she could gop back to her red roots in a click of mouse.
    Hey I asked my associate, who has a Canadian mother, where was Poutine in Canada.She burst out laughing and fled the room…Huh?Whad I say?…She came back for a file,looked at me and burst out giggling again…WTF!Hmmm she musta been drinking a lot of coffee this morning or what?
    Later she explained to me that Poutine is a traditional and EXCLUSIVELY Canadian dish.Soooo yummy and calorific I’d put on 10kilos(22lbs) just looking at it.Hmmm sounds good to me!!!

    As for the Bazaar cover explaination…well I have this to say :

    Doutzen cover – Fabulous,chic and professional.

    Angie cover – Like a $1,50 tabloid at the supermarket checkout line.She looks lovely but…

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hahahaha that story made my day Jean!! Too cute. Whoops, yeah poutine is a special Canadian dish, basically fries with gravy and cheese curds slathered on top. Not the healthiest dish, but if you come to Canada, you have to try it!

    Agree about Coco’s hair color, I preferred her original brown or the red.

    And the Bazaar cover… what a nightmare haha.

    Any updates on the Picasso theft?

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