hometown glory

My weekend was low-key but in the best way. My friend Hannah, who has been traveling almost non-stop this summer, was in town for the weekend so I was looking forward to spending time with her. Whiled away the extremely hot Saturday afternoon on Commercial Drive, eating lunch on the patio at Havana with Hannah and two of her school friends. After lunch, went with Hannah to Metrotown in search of nail polishes.

I’m trying cut back my spending lately (hoping to move out of the nest in the near future), so I’ve been careful about shopping but I haven’t bought nail polishes since December and felt it was about time! I was on the hunt for the coral pink Feelin’ Hot-hot-hot from OPI’s Miami Beach line, after getting it on my toes thanks to a pedicure gift certificate from my boss. I got that plus OPI on Collins Ave., a vibrant pylon orange from the same line. Other than that, I managed not to spend at all, aside from my purchase of the June/July issue of Vogue Paris with Anja on the cover (a justifiable $11.50 in my mind!).

Quite happy with my shopping restraint. I wasn’t even tempted by anything when going into Aritzia, which has been having sales for ages. Only tried on one thing there — an oversized/boyfriend blue plaid shirt. Me and Hannah promptly decided the oversizedness was too oversize and the pattern was too “bedsheet” in Hannah’s spot-on description. The shirt was like the one on the right but not that nice of a plaid pattern.

So these are my only weekend purchases…

Unfortunately, I also became infatuated with a bag this weekend and not just any bag, a $2000 Chloé bag! The Paraty to be more exact, it’s been out for a few seasons already and spotted on the likes of Katie Holmes, Kate Bosworth and the Olsen twins. Not to mention eagerly pushed in the new F/W ads with Karlie, Sigrid and Kasia (see below). I’ve been ignorant to “it” bags for awhile, but no more… I’m liking the bag in the chocolate brown and liking the rich gold details and the different strap lengths, maybe not enough to splurge a paycheck on it…yet? I’ll keep you updated but for now the Paraty’s only a pipe dream for me!

images: aritzia blog/me/chloe.com


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2 responses to “hometown glory

  1. hannah

    YES to this post.
    more posts like these!

    and that bag is sexy. i like it in that maroon colour. drooool.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hello Hannah!

    Haha i’ll try to make more posts like this of what i buy and want to buy… do you perhaps like this post cuz i mention you multiple times? miss you already!

    Yup the bag will always be in the back of my mind, plus i saw some girl carrying it and it looks nice but subtly nice!

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