baring it

Tom Ford Eyewear Fall/Winter 2009/10
Jon Kortajarena & Anna Jagodzinska / Photographer: Tom Ford

Tom Ford pulls double-duty, photographing Jon and Anna as naked as the day they were born, except for some lovely accessories of course. This is Jon’s fourth straight turn as Tom Ford’s poster boy, helping the Spaniard remain in the top 10 male model rankings (he’s #6 atm). And Anna J certainly isn’t suffering from a campaign paucity, once again cleaning up nicely with Bottega Veneta, David Yurman and Oscar de la Renta, to only mention a few.

images: tfs / next blog


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5 responses to “baring it

  1. peekaaboo

    Jon to Tom Ford seems like what Baptiste whatshisname is to Karl Lagerfeld.Their camera toyboys.
    Another Anna!..I can’t keep up with them anymore.
    Anyway they both look nice and I like their glasses.
    That’s about it really.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jean!
    Yup, Jon’s Tom Ford’s cabana boy or something but I like Jon way better than Baptiste!
    The glasses are nice, not much else to really like/look at in the ads haha. Anna’s look good on her with her bouffant hair and bow but couldn’t see myself wearing them!

  3. peekaaboo

    Hi Sarah!
    I only have a few days left of my Summer holidays sniff sniff.
    Back to work on Black Monday.I’m already panicking as to what I’m going to wear!I have a moderate walk-in wardrobe cupboard but as usual I feel like I have NOTHING to wear!LOL!
    Hope you had a nice lunch Sarah!(I see in my world clock its lunchtime in Vancouver)

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha for a moment there, I was like, “how did she know i just went out to lunch?!” then i finished reading your sentence!

    Dumb question… what’s Black Monday? I go through the ‘what to wear’ struggle every morning, quite sad. How’s the weather like over there? Can you wear whatever you want to work?

    Guess it’s late over there, so good night!

  5. peekaaboo

    LOL Black Monday is every Monday I guess.But especially so for moi next week as its been like 4 weeks since I’ve been away from the office(I work for a newspaper in the financial dept.)

    As for the weather its been gorgeous so far.Sweltering in the South at my Gramps place 32° and lovely and warm in Paris between 24°-30°!

    Yes I can wear what I want to work within reason of course.However I tend to stick to classics for the comfort.My style is kind of wanabe Kate Moss/Stella Tennant-ish.

    Well its half past midnight as I write.I took the dog out for her last pooh before starting this msg.I’ll catch up with you later Sarah.Bonne soirée!

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