flare’s daria daze

Flare September 2009: Canada’s Most Beautiful
Daria Werbowy / Photographer: Max Abadian

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Flare Magazine ODs on Daria Werbowy content. Not only is she their cover girl, she’s on their two bonus covers and has an editorial and interview inside. And why the heck not? Daria’s one of the most iconic Canadian models and has crazy longevity in the business.

Though she’s taken long hiatuses from modeling and doesn’t do a ton of runway anymore, she still gets big editorials and contracts (there’s no way to escape her stunning albeit over-Photoshopped ads for Lancôme). And she comes across as down-to-earth and likable! Well I like her anyway… check out her Flare pics and read up a little more on her and her “most notable firsts.”

The first thing I remember wanting to be when I grew up… was a model! It was like a shadow that followed me everywhere when I was a kid. The model scouts would always stop me, and it just seemed like such a great thing to be a part of.
The first model I can remember looking up to… would have to be Linda Evangelista. She’s Canadian and the only other model besides me to have a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.
My first runway experience in Europe… was for Prada. It was my first year in Milan. It was still at the time when Angela [Lindvall] and Frankie [Rayder] were on the runway. I was a deer in headlights, trying to grasp everything and take it all in.
The first big designer purchase I made… was a Miu Miu leather jacket. I had anxiety about how expensive it was. I still wear it, though.

The first great piece of advice I got about modeling… was never take things personally and try not to be overly sensitive—which I think is also the hardest thing to do.
The first photographer I was really excited to work with… was definitely Helmut Newton. It was challenging; he made me wear rubber nipples and lay on a bed of nails.

Watch the eTalk interview with Daria at the Flare photoshoot:

images: the clotheshorse@tfs /source: flare.com

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One response to “flare’s daria daze

  1. peekaaboo

    Hmmm she looks kinda like Stephanie Seymour on the Flare blue dress cover. I love Daria but I also have a soft spot for her fellow Canadian Jessica Stam.Okay Stam’s got bad skin,she slouches,I’ll bet she eats poutine everyday and never gets fat plus she smokes like a chimney but she has such a face and presence on the runway.I still haven’t recovered from her gorgeous Dior campaign last year.

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