the daily: anne v nyfw diary

Sports Illustrated model Anne Vyalitsyna is making waves in more ways than one, especially with her rumored hook-up with Leonard DiCaprio. Guess the guy is a harsh modelizer, surprised he doesn’t turn up at fashion weeks! Anyhoo, check out the Russian model’s photo diary of her life during New York Fashion Week for Glamour , where she hangs with designers, fellow models and her freakishly young-looking mom.



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4 responses to “the daily: anne v nyfw diary

  1. talesfromabarstool

    Leo DiCap certainly likes his women young. He should be involved in the casting for the shows. Kid in a candy store.

  2. peekaaboo

    Is that Anna’s Mom between her and Hanne Gaby???
    Wow she looks like her kid sister!!! Freak out!!!

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha no that’s not her mom, that’s Aline Weber I think. That would be crazy if it were! Her mom’s in the photo gallery in the link and though she looks young/not bad for a mom, her genes are not that unbelievable.

  4. peekaaboo

    Phew!!! I nearly jumped out of the window!
    I didn’t go to the link up. And yeah I think its Brazilian Aline.Anyway her Mom now looks like her big sister.I’ll bet the V family live in or near Little Odessa.
    Anna’s been a bit low key recently.Concentrating on NY I guess.Last I saw of her she was bridesmaid at Ujwala Raut’s wedding.Hmmm however I think she made a fleeting appearance at the last PAris RTW.

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