one chill weekend

My weekend in all its pictorial glory…

So this isn’t really the weekend, but Friday’s close enough! As you might recall, I was looking for a simple black bag that has a long strap and could double as a big clutch. Found this leather bag at Zara during a retail therapy lunch and was instantly attracted to the strap options (a short chain and a detachable long chain). It looks a little banged up already, which I blame on the questionable Zara handling. But I carried it all weekend long and aside from the pimp chain jangling, it’s officially inducted into my wardrobe.

Saturday lunch with the girls at Doña Cata, a highly recommended authentic Mexican joint. Noshed on a variety of tacos, chips and salsa and made some life plans!

Grabbed a much-needed caffeine fix post-lunch at Prado on Commercial Drive, the best place to chill. Cute and quaint and you can linger/people-watch for hours without being bothered…

Got called on to be the go-to shopping buddy for a retail-deprived friend, guess I have a shopaholic rep. Bought the Zara gray sweatshirt dress at left, though it’s much longer on me than Katrin. And the red buffalo hooded plaid shirt from Aritzia at right. Wasn’t 100% about it because it looked casual and teenybopper-ish, but this shirt is the equivalent of curling up in front of a fire with a good book and hot chocolate on a rainy Sunday morning! Think it’d be perfect for blustery weekend brunch and coffee dates.

And on Sunday…being a foodie, I was like “Why not watch Julie & Julia?” A meal of dim sum and a late morning showing later, I figured out ‘why not.’ Meryl Streep was Julia Child-joyful, trilling, cacophonous voice and all.  And Amy Adams was grating and unsympathetic to me as a self-obsessed and whiny blogger… Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but super-anticlimactic and flat to the point where I was fidgeting like a kindergarten kid halfway through and had enough time to ponder if I myself was a self-obsessed and whiny blogger. FYI, I generously concluded I am not.

images: my own / Hannah / zara/ my own / allmoviephoto


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2 responses to “one chill weekend

  1. talesfromabarstool

    Love the bag! I have a love hate relationship with Zara right now.

    Where is Dona Cata? Mexican food is delicious. Have you tried La Casita on Abbott? Yum.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Why the love-hate relationship?

    I haven’t tried La Casita, I’ll add it to my list of restos to try, thanks! Dona Cata’s on Victoria & 33rd-34th. Came highly rec’d from Vancouver Magazine.

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