the daily: rodarte x target

Thanks to Paper Mag‘s Julia Frakes and her Twitter, we get a photo sneak peek of Rodarte‘s Go International 55-piece collection for Target. Maybe an oopsie on Julia’s part since she’s now taken down her pics. But we get a delicious preview of what’s to come from the Mulleavy sisters and it looks edgy, detailed and surprisingly wearable. The clothes hit stores December 20… ummm, way to add to the Christmas rush.

Other stuff:

  • Very cool interview with Vancouver gal living the dream in NY, 22-year-old photographer Kathy Lo – hmm, I like her but I’m still dang jealous! / NY Mag
  • NY Post review of The September Issue concludes Anna Wintour “may be just another girl with Daddy issues.” Talk about not holding back, ouch. / NY Post
images: twitter.bunnybisous


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4 responses to “the daily: rodarte x target

  1. peekaaboo

    Damn! There are’nt Target stores in Paris. I like that denim jacketed outfit.Looks like my pair of boots too.
    We have every other store except Target!!!!!!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    I still have to travel to the States to go to Target, so it’s out of my way! But I like that outfit the most so far too, very casual. Can’t wait to see the rest of them! Am interested to see how the general Target shopper will like em.

  3. talesfromabarstool

    I know where I’ll be on December 20th 😉

    Rodarte have been my favourite designers at NYFW for the past two seasons…

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha, I’ll also try my bestest to be at Target on Dec. 20! What a great collaboration, I love that there’s 55 pieces to choose from.

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