the daily: hedi’s take on kate

Former Dior Homme designer and skinny man icon Hedi Slimane captures a decent-looking Kate Moss in black & white.

Other stuff:

  • How to wear sweatpants and not look like an unkempt gym rat thanks to Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang / Refinery29
  • A cautionary tale of financial demise, the not-so-charmed life of famed photog Annie Leibovitz. Yikes!  / NYMag
images: hedislimane

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One response to “the daily: hedi’s take on kate

  1. talesfromabarstool

    Kate Moss is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen a bad picture of her… not even when she was splashed all over the tabloids snorting coke.

    I also read that article on Annie L. It’s sad how her financial situation ended up. I had no idea. Things like that happen so quickly and spiral into something out of control. It’s awful that she’s lost control of her life’s work – they’re nothing short of masterpieces.

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