heaven knows i’m miserable now

H&M Fall/Winter 2009/10
Sasha Pivovarova / Photographer: Terry Richardson

Sasha’s expression pretty much sums up my craptastic, WTF, Smiths-inducing, emo day yesterday. Shoulda stayed in bed! But today’s Friday and it can only get better, right?

p.s. How much do I adore the aftershocks of the Louis Vuitton bunny ears? Their influence is everywhere, less so here but I like the cute touch of lace hair bow. And Sasha’s first-rate as usual, not sure what other model can be simultaneously quirky, creepy and charming!

image: OlgaKorbut@tfs


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3 responses to “heaven knows i’m miserable now

  1. peekaaboo

    Sometimes she and Gemma Ward look like Chucky.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Chucky that freaky killer doll?? When I was a kid, I used to run to my bed so the doll couldn’t stab my feet! umm but yes, can’t believe how much Sasha and Gemma look alike sometimes, when they’re in eds together I can’t tell em apart!

  3. peek-a-boo

    Yes Chucky that killer doll LOL!
    Other model look alikes are Caroline Trentini/Heather Marks. For awhile I couldn’t tell them apart.Gisele and Linda Vojtova.Shannon Click and Hilary Rhoda. JMO…

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