open sesame

Harper’s Bazaar September 2009: From Seventh Avenue to Sesame Street
Sessilee Lopez and Tao Okamoto / Photographer: Jason Schmidt

For a Friday feast for the eyes, revisit your childhood! Harper’s Bazaar highlights the best of NYFW by taking the designers down to Sesame Street to celebrate the iconic show’s 40th year! Though it’s fun and surreal (things fashion should be), you gotta wonder what’s in the macrobiotic food over at the Bazaar offices cuz they sure do cook up some random editorials… Nevertheless, it’s fantastic to see the likes of Carolina Herrera and the Mulleavy sisters paired with Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

images: flyme2themoon@tfs


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3 responses to “open sesame

  1. peekaaboo

    I’ve heard some people not liking this but I LOVE IT!When I saw Bert and Ernie on that doorstep I had tears in my eyes.Gawd how I loved Sesame Street!
    Anyway this is a fabulous editorial. No one’s brooding or posing in silly dramatic poses.Sessilee and Tao are just splendid.
    I’ll certainly buy this Bazaar issue!
    P.S Big Bird is still one hot tranny queen!!!I’ll love him forever!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    haha, i’ll cherish the image of Big Bird and DVF forever! there are some haters but it’s pretty fun and odd! there seems to be other good eds and choice of models in the issue as well… do you normally buy Bazaar?

  3. peekaaboo

    Depends on who’s on the cover,whats in it and if the copy is thick. We get American magazines here easily. Expensive so thats why I browse before I buy it. I know its going to sound corny but I buy InStyle every month LOL!Its so glossy and the fashion and decorating ideas are great. I tend to turn around American Vogue Bazaar V and of course InStyle.

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