the daily: state of grace

Vogue creative director Grace Coddington‘s getting a lot of attention from her role in The September Issue, definitely stealing Anna Wintour’s thunder. Courtesy of Vogue Paris, check out some of her early modeling work, you can see the beginnings of her chaotic red mane.

Other Stuff:

  • Gaultier Gone? Is Jean Paul’s time over at Hermès? There’s a chance SS10 will be his last collection! / FWD via Fashionologie
  • French-Canadian model Irina Lazareanu—yes she of the heavy fringe, raspy drawl and funky fashion sense—reportedly snagged the lead role in Spike Lee’s new romantic comedy movie! Guess time will tell if Irina will be the star of the next Lee joint.  / Grazia via Fashionologie
image: modelinia


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5 responses to “the daily: state of grace

  1. peekaaboo

    I think its obvious Grace has always lived up to her name. She was a lovely model and her looks would fit in even today.She told Vogue “Anna and I,we’ve known each other for a long time we have a mutual respect for each other eventhough sometimes I feel like killing her..” LOL!

    Yes JPG is leaving Hermès.Too bad as he’s been doing a splendid job there respecting the House’s DNA and cleverly working with its codes of luxury and quality.Every collection he’s done for the past 6 years has been stunning.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    And JPG upped their profits… wonder if it’ll prove true tho and who will succeed him.

    Any plans to watch The September Issue yourself? Found out it opens in mid-October in Canada.

  3. peekaaboo

    It opens here 16th September. Problem is I have to go to London on an assignment with the team. I think I’ll miss the opening but will catch up with it later on. It would be fun to see who will spill out on the red carpet … maybe Anna and Carine might sashay onto it together!

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jean!
    Dang! that is quite the dilemma but I guess work takes precedence over catching the film opening. But that would be amazing if you could go! Good luck with your work assignment, sounds interesting!

  5. peekaaboo

    Thanks for the well wishes. My assignment in London is economy related and not all glamorous. I’m part of a team that will be covering a Banking conference. Too bad its not in Bali or the Bahamas LOL!
    Anyway I wonder if André Leon Talley will be making the trip……

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