beauty recalibrage

Vogue Paris September 2009: Beaute Recalibrage
Julia Stegner / Photographer: Maciek Kobielski

I’ve always been a fan of Julia even before I became super-interested in fashion, so I’m glad to see her return to the pages of Vogue Paris. During my last trip to NY, I had the random luck of meeting the statuesque German in Soho and she was gracious and sweet, thereby cementing my like of her. It’s only a short beauty ed, but at least it’s something!

images: sedirea@tfs


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2 responses to “beauty recalibrage

  1. talesfromabarstool

    Oh La… her crimped hair looks fabulous. I’m hoping for a come back.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    So am I! But I think Julia won’t really come back in a major way since she does Maybelline and VS, but a girl can hope.

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