the daily: glam gala

Vogue September 2009: Model Behavior
Chanel Iman, Catherine McNeil, Lily Donaldson & Karlie Kloss / Photographer: Arthur Elgort

The above shot is all we get from Vogue’s Arthur Elgort’s shoot during the opening of the Model as Muse exhibit back in May, featuring models running amok at the Met. Luckily, there are some bonus pics from Elgort’s site below…

Other stuff:

  • Anna Wintour! David Letterman! Tonight! Set your recorders.
  • Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley serves it out in a clip from The September Issue. I’ve never seen one person armed with so many LV accessories, for tennis lessons no less! / NY Mag
images: arthurelgort


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2 responses to “the daily: glam gala

  1. peekaaboo

    I dunno…the ALT video looks like a set up to me. I cannot believe he would do an outdoor sport like tennis. People like him usually work out in the privacy of their luxurious homes.
    The tennis instructor’s hot tho!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha yeah it’s prob a setup to demonstrate Anna Wintour’s consideration of her staff. I love tennis, too bad there aren’t instructors that good-looking around here!

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