we really like fiction at vogue

Gotta say the more I see Anna Wintour, the more she endears herself to me. And with her appearance on David Letterman, she deftly defects the comedian’s acerbic quips about her demanding, “Devil Wears Prada” rep. Sadly it’s only a portion of the interview, but I’ll will post the whole thing when I come across it! I myself am being blocked from seeing it by my family who are watching Wanted in the living room 😦

ETA: The longer version of the Wintour-Letterman interview, can you say media training? Wintour is utterly controlled and elusive.

ETA #2: Haha, keep an eye on this post! For your viewing pleasure, the full, complete interview courtesy of Fashionologie.

Part 1

Part 2

source: youtube cbs/fashionologie


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3 responses to “we really like fiction at vogue

  1. Maria

    She always wears those sunglasses! It was refreshing to see her actually smile, but as you say, she is totally controlled. I wouldn´t want to work for her, she would scare me. Have you read “Front row” by Jerry Oppenheimer? I was quite surprised when I read some things in it, like that she allegedly had an affair with Bob Marley.
    Anyway, your blog seems interesting and I will definitely check it out some more.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Maria!
    I was surprised when she wore them coming out but then took them off, wonder if Letterman asked her to… Yes, I’d be really scared to work under her, she seems really demanding.
    Haha, Bob Marley?? Cool! I haven’t read that, but I think I’ll have to now!
    I’ll keep tabs on your blog too and add you to my blogroll.


  3. peek-a-boo

    She has Madonna’s arms!
    Did you notice how even the Vogue copy on the table fainted in Anna’s presence LOL!
    I thought Letterman fumbled and stammered his way thru the interview. Tsk tsk (shakes head).
    Great show anyway and Anna was rather charming. She does seem to have a current obsession with printed dresses.

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