diane k

Vogue Paris September 2009: Diane K
Anna Jagodzinska / Photographer: Mikael Jansson

This Diane Keaton-inspired ed has made me realize some things:
1) I love menswear styling… pantsuits, blazers, wool coats, oxford shoes, chunky watches and tweed! It’s time for fall, y’all!
2) I actually like Anna J. Even with her crazy ubiquity, I didn’t dislike her but wasn’t on her bandwagon, but now I’m finding myself liking her!
3) I should watch Annie Hall.

images: sedirea@tfs


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2 responses to “diane k

  1. peekaaboo

    When I was a kid I think my big sister used to call this the preppy look. Annie Hall started it in the 70s. You MUST see the film Sarah. Its a fashionista classic! Diane K (at a glance I thought it was about Diane Kruger LOL!) is fabulius in it. Its one of my all time fav Woody Allen films. You’d love it!
    Its an odd coincidence but I have prepared my outfit for tomorrow and its along the preppy look. The office is still quite low key at the mo so I wear jeans, until the end of the month when everyone returns from the August break, so I thought of wearing my boyfriend’s baggy 501s, manish brogues, light blue buttoned down shirt and a navy linen blazer.Plus my old faithful black Duffle bag.I’ll put on a bob hat a la Annie Hall and think of you LOL!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    You’ve sold me! I’ll get around to watching Annie Hall then!

    Your outfit sounds great! My office has a relaxed summer dress code too, but I think it’s over come next week, can’t believe it’s September already! 😦 So did you don a bob hat today?

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