the daily: jac speaks, wang’s 90210 love & fashion’s night out

W Magazine‘s weekly interview with models features Calvin Klein face Monika ‘Jac’ Jagaciak this time. She’s only 15 and clearly skipped over the gawky, awkward adolescent phase, though she had to weather through the notoriety of her runway fall last season at Hervé Léger.

Other stuff:

  • Cultural reference: 24-year-old designer Alexander Wang admits to being a total ’90s kid, naming his bags after 90210 characters (Brenda, Kelly).  Hmmm, while also a ’90s kid, the only thing I have to relate is owning an old threadbare 90210 PJ shirt! / W Magazine
  • Designers, models, child actors and rappers turned designers and Anna Wintour all pimp out Fashion’s Night Out in NY, an initiative to encourage shopping to support one of the city’s biggest industries. Check out the PSA pushing the event below/ Fashionista

image: models

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