W Magazine October 2002: Bacchanal
Gisele Bundchen, MariaCarla Boscono, Jacquetta Wheeler, Gabriel Aubry & more / Photographer: Fabien Baron

To mark what will hopefully be a fun, freewheeling Friday… here’s an old school ed featuring a vibrant Gisele, MariaCarla and Jacquetta.

images: fashion_screen


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5 responses to “bacchanal

  1. peekaaboo

    OMG my magazine budget’s going to hit the roof this month!!!
    I love this W editorial!!! Bacchanal indeed and decadant to say the least. I must get this issue of W too.
    Lets see…Vogue USA, Vogue Italia, V, W, i-D, French Vogue, InStyle, Bazaar…oh la la I’ll have to forsake the restaurants this month LOL!

    P.S. Btw about the bob hat the other day…I was late (as usual) and forgot to put in on!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this W ed’s from 2002!! But there is a pretty awesome ed this month with Edita V and Lara Stone by Mert and Marcus…

    haha, i feel your magazine pain! September is my splurge month.

  3. peekaaboo

    Oops silly me I just realised this W editorial dates back to 2002! O M G its so relevant even today. Fabulous layout from Fabien Baron. So mesmerized was I that I didn’t even read your synopsis and just ogled at the pictures immediately.
    However this ‘oops’ from me does not alter the fact that I still have a larger than usual magazine budget….sigh!

  4. peekaaboo

    Our msgs crossed!
    Sarah you promised a laconic week and this editorial really starts the ball rolling!Have a nice weekend!

  5. sarahdanslenoir

    I’m boggled down at work right now, thus explaining the laconic posts (but still here I am). Have a great, relaxing weekend Jean!

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