maybe the only celeb designers i can tolerate

Mary-Kate and Ashley pimping their Elizabeth and James line at Holt Renfrew Toronto.

image: celebritycity via tfs


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3 responses to “maybe the only celeb designers i can tolerate

  1. peekaaboo

    I have nothing really against the Olsens. Okay they charmed me when I was a kid with their cheeky grins in Full House. Then they made millions doing silly films and endorsing a lot of things including (I’m told) crappy children’s wear.
    My question is… they know how to sew a button and cut out a pattern? LOL!
    However I’ve read only accolades about their clothes so they must surely be doing something right.

  2. Maria

    Have you read “Influence” by the twins? I bought it quite recently, and it is quite good. Very interesting interviews with people they feel inspired by, and a lot of nice photos.

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Hey Maria!

    I flipped through it at urban outfitters and thought it looked good, but only recently began taking them seriously in fashion. Seems to have good interviews and nice pics! Maybe when i get some extra cash i’ll spring for it.

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