spot the wwd blunder

Maybe it’s because I’m not a morning person, but the above item in WWD about Demarchelier’s epic Fashion’s Night Out shoot had me doing a double take. Can you spot the mistake? I’ll give you a sec…

Ok, Iman and her daughter Chanel? Am I missing some fashion tongue-in-cheek here or breaking news that Chanel Iman is the lovechild of Iman and Bowie? Perhaps I better go get that coffee after all.

images: wwd


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3 responses to “spot the wwd blunder

  1. Maria

    Hahaha, omg. Chanel´s last name is Iman, and therefore they think she is the daughter of Iman? They should do some research, or just try to improve their comprehension.

  2. peekaaboo

    Hahaha too!!!
    The journalist should stop drinking decaff!!!
    WWD of all sites! Pffff!

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha, I had to read the article like 50 times! It’s still such a weird error! Chanel Iman’s last name isn’t even Iman anyway, it’s Robinson, and Iman is Iman’s first name… think I best go to WWD in NY and start working for them!

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