two muses

Yves Saint Laurent and his longtime muses Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falais circa 1969. Catroux inspired his menswear trends and de la Falais his exotic gypsy designs.

image: cafe mode


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3 responses to “two muses

  1. peekaaboo

    This picture is EPIC. I love it and have a copy of it framed on my desk since YSL’s death.My Grandmother(RIP) knew Loulou’s mother Maxime(RIP) btw.A lovely and cultivated lady.
    This epic picture was taken at the opening of YSL’s very first Rive Gauche boutique.Notice the modernity of Betty and Loulou’s outfits.Some of todays fashion codes were already there!
    I call it le Chic and le Choc.Loulou’s maxi-skirted chic to Betty’s mini choc.I love this picture for its freshness and timeless appeal.

  2. Maria

    I love that photo, and those outfits would totally work today as well.

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jean! Hope you’re doing well!
    Great idea with framing the photo! And cool that you grandmother knew Maxime, this photo is beyond epic. Agree with you and Maria that their dress does still remain chic today and this is definitely one of those eternal images.

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