lost in translation

Numéro Tokyo October 2009: I Love Shopping
Ali Stephens & Allen Tsai / Photographer: David Vasiljevic

Looking at this ed makes me miss Ali’s long hair already! Never realized how edgy and dramatic she looked with it before the chop. Anyway, the Salt Lake City native looks properly displaced in this ed as she shops her way through Tokyo, Allen Tsai and oddly a boombox in tow.

images: modelcouture


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5 responses to “lost in translation

  1. Maria

    She really does look a bit lost, and like she is the center of attention. Like some sort of exotic creature with it´s own rules.

  2. peekaaboo

    Since day one I’ve liked Ali Stephens and felt she was going to be the next big thing since Angela Lindvall.I like all her editorials and for someone so young she’s already mastered playing with the camera.And she’s got that rare toothy pout (I think its called a prune?whatever)like the greats Linda Evangelista,Claudia Shiffer and Eva Herzigiva the photgraphers like Meisel love.

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Hi Jean!

    I do like Ali S in editorials too, a lot of ppl say she only has one look but even if she does, it works for her! She does have good camera presence though esp. considering she’s only a few years in.

  4. Joyce

    The Asian Radio Rahim??

  5. sarahdanslenoir

    What happened to the asian John Cusack?

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