shoes shoes shoes

Got shoes on my brain, as in really, really want new ones. Shoes are a definite wardrobe weakness for me and I need to work on that. For fall, I’m craving boots, flats, heels, oxfords… you name it, I want it all! What kind of shoes are you wanting for fall?

images: the selby


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3 responses to “shoes shoes shoes

  1. I would like some black patent ankle boots, preferably with a wide zip.

  2. Maria

    I love shoes too. I have trouble finding clothes, but shoes? Never. I ALWAYS find some shoes that I like. Right now I need to get a new pair of Converse, and I want a pair of black riding boots. I saw a pair last year that I liked, but I don´t remember who made them. The important thing is that they are as “clean” as possible, meaning not too much hardware and such things.

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Gosh, shoes are the biggest pain for me to find. I’m very unmotivated to look for shoes when I’m out shopping. My usual shoe finding method is very, very backwards. I find something I like online or on another person, then track them down in stores. I have a few pairs of boots I wear religiously (black Frye Engineers and knee-high cognac brown boots), but need to find a simple black boot with a low heels. Any riding boots would be great! Also thinking of looking into over-the-knee boots as well… I’m generally a “clean” shoe gal myself too haha.

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