pursuit of happiness

I’m on the pursuit of happiness / and I know everything that shines ain’t always gonna be gold / I’ll be fine once I get it / I’ll be good

I’m someone who views music as a soundtrack to life, constantly plugged into my iPod, musicians narrating my daily life. On my current life soundtrack is a Kid Cudi song. I’m not too into hip hop but when I read that the song also with my #1 band love, MGMT and electro-duo Ratatat, I was sold after a few listens. The song? Pursuit of Happiness featuring MGMT chanting the chorus set to Ratatat’s trilling synthesizers.

Though I can’t relate to Cudi’s lyrics of “night terrors” and waking up in “cold sweats,” his lazy drawled dreamers’ ode to finding your ultimate happiness in life is what I imagine to be universally relatable. My own pursuit of happiness? Right now, it’s all about my career and making my interest and livelihood intersect so I’m working to get into fashion and/or magazines, which is an uphill battle…

Take a listen, download the mp3 below and lemme know what happiness you’re pursuing!

Kid Cudi ft. MGMT & RatatatPursuit of Happiness [mp3]

image: sophomorenyc


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3 responses to “pursuit of happiness

  1. peekaaboo

    Thanks Sarah! LOVE IT! Nice weekend present.

    Send us more presents like the LBDs in Christopher Kane’s collection for TopShop.LOL!There isn’t a TopShop in Paris but only at a chic boutique called Colette.The last time they had Kate Moss’s collection (for TopShop) there the queue was around the block and everything was snapped up in half an hour.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Cool vid, very trippy! I went to Colette when I was in Paris a few years back, actually dragged my friends many blocks to get there and i really regret not buying anything! Would you line up for Kane’s line there? At least you’re closer to a Topshop, I have to go to NY, which I wouldn’t mind haha.

  3. Maria

    I´ve only heard one song by Kid Cudi. He was at the Way out west festival, which I attended, but I didn´t see him play. I think his sound is a bit different from most of the hip hop acts that are around at the moment, which is good. I couldn´t watch the clip, wasn´t available from Sweden, but I will try to see if I can listen to it somewhere else though.
    My pursuit of happiness? A career that I enjoy, and just being happy.

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