model party style: daria

Daria looking unkempt yet stylish in Toronto to present DSquared designers Dean and Dan Caten with a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

images: wireimage / splashnews via tfs


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2 responses to “model party style: daria

  1. Maria

    I love her look, it is very stylish and the hair gives it a personal twist, just a bit of mess. Her hair is gorgeous, I love the lighter ends. I tried to get that, but my hairdresser must have misunderstood me because I did not get it. And the shade was wrong as well. Oh well.

  2. peekaaboo

    Lets face a chilling fact…..Daria would look great even wearing a bin liner!

    I’ve tried doing my hair in a messy dishevelled way like Daria’s.I remember doing it one summer’s day but when I entered the office my colleagues starting joking that I looked like I had made out in the broom closet with our building’s hunky doorman!!!

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