versace wonderland

Donatella turned out a pastel-infused and old school Versace collection for SS10, amongst other notable changes (set, finale). Her inspiration was evidently Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and this was reflected in the younger cast, cotton candy colours and prints galore. And instead of the usual finale parade, the show concluded with a model line-up. Guess the girls already stomped their ass off during the show (no really, YouTube it!).

Personally I prefer the sleeker, more mature designs of the past few seasons. Not to mention the bigger name casts, this collection’s model selection seems off to me — Skye Stracke, Iris Strubegger and Ranya? — but it’s all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.



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7 responses to “versace wonderland

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sarah!
    Looked like Donatella’s daughter Allegra inflenced her Mom in this collection. The baby jetset are going to love it. I read almost everywhere the collection was a hit.
    Jil Sander’s collection left me in awe btw!

  2. peekaaboo

    Hi Sarah!
    Looked like Allegra might have influenced her Mom in this collection. The baby jetset are going to shop-til-you-drop at the Versace boutiques next Spring. I read almost everywhere its a hit.
    Jil Sander’s collection left me in awe btw!

  3. sarahdanslenoir

    Hey Jean!

    how was your london assignment? haha, people do seem to love this versace collection, not feeling it myself and i can see bebe and guess ripoffs in my mind now!

    i’ll go check out the jil sander collection, i hear the details are awesome. it’s hard to keep up with all the shows and paris fashion week is starting already! better quit my day job!

  4. peekaaboo

    Thanks for asking Sarah. The assignment in London went very well eventho I left home on the day itself of the The September Issue’s film opening. Anyway I found out there was no red carpet event for it at all! So I didn’t miss anything I suppose. LOL!
    I’ll probably borrow the DVD when it comes out. There was so much talk about it that by the time it reached here there was a sort of meltdown in enthusiasm.
    Anyway almost as soon as I got back from the conference there was all the hoohah to see to about the G20 in NY and Pittsburgh!
    Critics have been harsh about the Milan collections and I wonder why. I must live in another planet as I thought it went well. Still love Jil Sander’s collection and looking for a sugar daddy to buy me the entire collection 😀 !!!

    P.S. Sugar Daddy Update.
    My BF said that a sugar daddy would prefer me dressing in Versace’s micro mini slut dresses 😦

  5. Kalla Vieaux

    Loving the dresses individually, but as a whole collection, it looks a lot like Easter.

  6. sarahdanslenoir

    I don’t know if I’d like a sugar daddy that preferred me dressing like this Versace collection… then again I guess with a sugar daddy, you wouldn’t be holding the cards!
    At least you didn’t miss anything for The Sept Issue, I’m finally getting to see it in at the Vancouver Int’l Film Fest next Tues and am super-excited! Pretty sure the film’s already on bittorrent if you really wanted to see it ;)!
    The Milan collections aren’t bad, but I think some critics worry about the quality of production since the houses are cutting back to save $$$. Guess it’s art vs business yet again! Not sure where I read that but they probably sum it up better than I just did.
    Glad your assignment in London went well, sounds very adult and professional saying that!


  7. sarahdanslenoir

    Hey Kalla!

    Thanks for commenting! Some of the pieces are definitely nice but the way you described it is spot-on!


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