the girl’s bad news

Toni, where art thou? She’s been totally M.I.A. from the shows along with some of my other faves like Raquel Z and Sigrid. Crossing my fingers they’ll all make a big return in Paris!

In the meantime, Toni can be seen in October’s Numéro Tokyo. Backed by the sullen male model troupe of Tyler Riggs, Lyle Lodwick, Marcel Castenmiller and Joseph Culp, Toni gets tough in leather and heavy eyeliner!

ETA: The full editorial for your viewing pleasure!

images: models/fashion gone rogue

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One response to “the girl’s bad news

  1. peekaaboo

    Toni’s stunning. Being a tall blue eyed Valkyrian beauty doesn’t hurt of course. There’s alway room for them on the fashion circuit.
    However with all these newbies on the scene now like Toni, Sigrid, the 2 Jacs, Abbey, Eniko, IRIS, Heloise, Karlie, Ali and numerous Russian Annas etc, the model turnover’s so fast in a scary way as Anya, Coco, Nat Poly, my favs Catherine McNeil/Jessica Stam, Lara and ‘veteran’ Raquel Z seem almost like has beens already. Even Snejana’s looking like yesterday’s model!
    Hats off to Carmen Kass, Raquel, Karen Elson and Eva Herzigova for still hanging in there.

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