damn kids

Some pics of Stella McCartney’s 70 designs for GapKids are out and they’re dang cute! So cute I’m jealous of kids, no lie! I need a kid to live vicariously through… Great idea from Gap as McCartney, a mom herself, is a savvy choice with her ultra-wearable, eco-friendly and fun aesthetic.

image: wwd


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5 responses to “damn kids

  1. Maria

    Damn! We don´t have Gap here in Sweden, otherwise I would be buying quite a few things for my daughter. I adore that pink tutu.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    The pink tutu would be adorable! How old is your daughter?

  3. Maria

    She is turning two years in january, so a lot is happening right now. She is really into clothes though, and it is my fault, haha. I even let her choose outfits sometimes.

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha that’s so cute! Think she’ll act up during her terrible twos?

  5. Maria

    She is already doing that. She can get terrible tantrums, lay on the floor while screaming – that type of thing. Thank god she is wonderful the rest of the time! My mother says she is just like I was when I was her age.

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