ss10 major girls

The SS10 season was marked by a total absence or scarcity of the familiar veterans like Raquel, Lara and Anja, meaning the field was wide open for new girls. And there was a flood of them… Here’s my recap of the girls who walked the most shows, made comebacks or just made a memorable impression.

Constance Jablonski, fresh-faced and dewy for Pringle of Scotland above, was the hands-down SS10 catwalk winner. It wasn’t the French model’s first season, but it’s an impressive and tiring feat to walk 72 shows in four cities!

Chinese beauty Liu Wen also walked an astounding 70 shows, including the biggies like Chanel, Prada, YSL, Gucci, Balenciaga and Dior. Score a big one for diversity!
Frida Gustavsson wasn’t far behind Constance and Liu with 60 shows to her name. The fashion-savvy Swedish newbie seems to know how to work the industry, already gaining a following for her put-together street style (her career aspiration is to be a stylist), not to mention gossip that she’s showing signs of diva-like behaviour already!

Karlie Kloss is the American sensation that has everyone saying “supermodel” and though she’s not at all new to the catwalk, I thought her charisma exploded this season. With her rumoured good work ethic, supremely recognizable and hypnotizing sashay and Vogue endorsement, the 17-year-old’s success is cemented! And she can already say she opened SS10 Dior and scored the campaign!

Aside from having a really fun name, Holland’s Mirte Maas made a splash early on by opening Alexander Wang, gaining instant cool quotient. She scored 39 shows with her edgy yet expensive look, but they were all quality. In addition to opening YSL and Donna Karan, she walked for Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, Hermes and other high profile shows. I prefer her in editorials over runway but she does have a creepy Sasha P-like appeal.

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2 responses to “ss10 major girls

  1. peekaaboo

    Constance Jab is really going places. Lets hope she doesn’t have a childish and self centered BF who’ll throw tantrums and spoil everything.
    I didn’t like Karlie Kloss at first. I didn’t understand what everyone saw in her. Well she’s grown on me and I now think she’s the next Uber thing as in Daria and Stam.OMG only 17! And she’s only beginning.Imagine being in her shoes and having the fashion world at your feet…!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Constance has totally grown on me! She seems down-to-earth, but who knows, right? Yeah, hopefully no one drags her down. Kind of liked Karlie and her strange trancelike walk from the start, but I’m surprised she’s doing so dang well now!

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