la dee da

Think I have my Halloween costume, it’s quick and easy and I’m bumming most of it from my older brother! Planning to be Annie Hall,  Diane Keaton’s iconic film character and menswear trendsetter. I’ve got everything down, just need to find a vintage tennis racket (no Alvy accessory for me). Maybe not the most creative or scary costume, but the main selling point for me was comfort, as I’m definitely not one of those girls who lets their inner Pussycat Doll out come October 31st!

image: google images

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  1. Maria

    Great choice! Many girls tend to choose to be like a Playboy bunny or something, which I find utterly boring. It´s more fun to choose something that means something, that you find fun or inspirational (but berhaps a Playboy bunny is inspirational to some?). For me, I think the fun lies in being a character, playing dress upp like when one was a kid, and sexiness has nothing to do with it. Atleast not borderline-porn, lol.

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