h&m winter 2009

Have to say for a store magazine, H&M puts out amazing stuff! They use great photographers (Akrans, Richardson, etc.), have pretty decent styling and top models making the cheap chic fashions look great. For their Winter 2009 issue, they have gorgeous eds shot by Terry Richardson featuring Cameron Russell, Missy Rayder, Maryna Linchuk and Chanel Iman.

images: fashion gone rogue / testinofan@tfs


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2 responses to “h&m winter 2009

  1. Maria

    They really do. That´s why I always keep getting dissapointed. Everything looks so great in their ads and magazines, and when I go to an H&M it does not look as great at all.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Haha, I know what you mean, same goes for Zara sometimes. Of course the models make it look much better too, but it’s often disappointing in person! So great marketing on their part!

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