back to ny

Today, I’m going back to NY for my second trip this year! Luckily, there’s always things to see and do there, touristy or not. My itinerary this year includes a showing of Wicked, a Tyra Banks show taping (haha), Brooklyn and Soho shopping  and lots and lots of yummy eats. Sadly, hamming it up Sasha and Freja-style in Times Square is not on the schedule!

Coincidentally, my latest earworm (though my love is fading a lil) is the appropriate “Empire State of Mind,” Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ anthem to NY. Be back Friday but will try to post daily and will report back on my trip (or the very least, my Tyra experience)! Take care y’all!

image: vmagazine


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2 responses to “back to ny

  1. Maria

    I always wanted to go to New York! I hope you have the best time 🙂

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Thanks Maria, I had an amazing time! Hope you get to go to NY someday!

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