rodarte for target styled by the mulleavys

These pics from Paper Magazine, show the Rodarte for Target collection styled by the designers, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. And damn if it doesn’t make the line look even more appealing. Love the sheer cardigans and skirts and lace! Too bad I won’t be trekking down to the States for the launch on December 20, but I really shouldn’t be shopping, not for myself anyway!The inspiration: “Laura and I were inspired to do this collection by the films that transformed our youth. Harold and Maude, Rosemary’s Baby and Bonnie and Clyde are all movies with interesting, free-spirited women who question the status quo. We didn’t want to create clothes that literally looked like they belonged in those films, but instead we wanted to capture the feeling of their worlds. We have been collaborating with Autumn de Wilde since our first show. Her photographs bring out the spirit of our work and reveal moments that we would have never seen unless she were there to capture them.” – Kate Mulleavy

images: paper magazine

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