what’s up 2010

Forgive me readers for it’s been eleven whole days since my last post. I’ve been caught in a holiday haze of stuffing thy face, ingesting my body weight in kettle corn, movie-watching, bargain hunting, chilling with friends and family, visiting one of my BFFFLs in blustery Boston and tumblring myself silly! And I finally took the plunge and got straight across bangs, was in shock for a day or two, but grew to love it! Good feedback so far, except from my dad who finds the new bangs “ugly” and prefers my old hair. Surprised he even had an opinion… ahhh, parents!

I hope everyone had amazing and restful holidays and a crazy fun New Year’s! Thank you so much for all the well wishes and greetings, it made me feel extremely merry!!

Now I’m shaking off my holiday jet lag and getting back into the swing of things — going back to work (unfortch), reflecting, making my resolutions and what not… all that important new year’s mumbo jumbo. I’m not much for making (or keeping) resolutions, but hopefully posting my goals here will make ’em stick! My resolutions are a little general in scope, but my determination is iron-clad…

Focus On My Career!Really my #1 goal in 2010… I’d like to merge my fashion and creative interests with a solvent job and learn more skills and workplace savvy while I’m at it. Sometimes I think I’m still a little too naive and timid to make it in the cutthroat corporate world.

Get Fit
I gotta start working on my fitness, y’all can be my witness! Oh and I suppose eating healthier and eating less should also go hand-in-hand with this.

Read More, Know MoreThink I’ve lost that thirst for knowledge I had in university… Must educate myself and know about issues more in-depth. Already started the year off by picking up The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake, which was released ages ago. Not quite Pulitzer Prize-worthy, but it’s an intriguing read about YSL and Lagerfeld in the ’70s and their chic cliques, empire and image-building.

Buy Less, Buy BetterCan’t go without mentioning fashion and shopping. I have to clean out my closet, take an inventory of what I have, make less impulse buys and start shopping smarter!

Be HappyReally the most anyone could ask for is simple happiness and making others happy in return and for love and laughter, and if I fail to achieve my other resolutions, I hope at the very least, I achieve this!

Now that you’ve read my resolution rambling, what are your resolutions, hopes and dreams for 2010?

images: garance dore / tfs / hfgl


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2 responses to “what’s up 2010

  1. Yayee your back! Loved your list of resolutions i too share many of the same ones and i loved reading about them. Im also reading the Beautiful Fall and am finaly halfway through. My resolution is to finaly finish it but it can be kinda slow at times. Anyways hope you had a great new years:)


  2. Maria

    Welcome back! Your resolutions list is exactly as mine, I need to focus on the same things. The career part, and the get fit part will be the hardest ones for me though.

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