oh my lanvin

Busy day for Paris Fashion Week with three biggies showing today — Christian Dior, Isabel Marant and bringing the sophisticated excess, one of my faves Lanvin. The feel was familiar and a variation on past seasons, but who cares when it’s so good it inspires such profound material longing? Alber Elbaz’s latest was pure luxe, ladylike Lanvin with structured shoulders, exquisite draping and rich colours, fabrics and embellishments. The models were bedecked in Mia Wallace-esque jet black wigs (far more sultrier than the ones used in Fall 2007’s show) and bathed in eye-catching jewelry and covetable shoes. Alber rarely disappoints… Dang, where’s a sugar daddy when you need one?? I need these clothes in my life!

images: style.it / nowfashion / style.com / jezebel


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2 responses to “oh my lanvin

  1. peekaaboo

    That Lanvin ‘feel’ is still there and Elbaz(a fav of mine)is still milking it to feed our greed for it.LOVE the hair!The man’s a GENIUS!
    Sarah you took the words right out of my mouth!
    I can’t add anything else to what you said except …………… SUGARDADDY!!!!!! LOL!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    haha, but seriously know any good sugar daddies willing to cough up some dough for my lanvin fund? will never stop loving alber’s designs!!

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