fur + lace

Diane in floor-length Valentino, an Isabel Marant faux fur coat and braids for that barmaid effect!

image vogue uk


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3 responses to “fur + lace

  1. peekaaboo

    OMG I nearly choked on my Snicker bar when I saw that fur bolero and was so relieved to see its faux.
    I’m on the fence about this outfit.Between Wow and Huh?However the lacework on that gown is fabulous.The earrings don’t seem to belong somehow.Simple pearl earrings would have done a better job.JMHO of course.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hello Jeanne!

    Is it sad to say I missed your comments?? Well I did! Have a wonderful and amazing Easter break, wherever you’re going!

    Yeah, there’s something a bit tacky about all of it together (think the hair and hoop earrings contribute a lot to that), but something striking about it together!

  3. peekaaboo

    Aww thanks Sarah.
    Its impossible to ignore or forget your blog.Its always such a pleasure coming here.I’m sure your readers will agree.I don’t know how you do it to fill it up with lovely images and interesting fashionista info.The articles are so relevant and when they’re not they’re just so lovely to look at!
    I’m far from being clairevoyant but I sense you heading in the fashion-journalism direction somehow.Or related anyway.
    Catch up with you later Sarah!

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