vogue’s american dream

A year ago, I really wished for improvement in the pages of Vogue and gotta say, been liking what I’m seeing lately — the editorials feel fresher and they aren’t afraid to mix new and proven faces. A lot of the stories are way too aspirational and hoity-toity, but I doubt that’ll change much. In May’s issue, they explore glamorous American archetypes (the patriot, the flapper, the heiress, etc.) pairing vets like Raquel, Sasha and Daria with Frida Gustavsson, Patricia van der Vliet and Mirte Maas under David Sims’ lens.

images: models.com


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2 responses to “vogue’s american dream

  1. peekaaboo

    Lovely images Sarah!
    However Daria’s styling & outfit leaves a lot to be desired.Her eyebrows in the pic are a disaster.
    I get the neo Gibson Girl drift but Daria looks like she escaped yesterday from an asylum with a designer straight jacket LOL!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Hello Jeanne!

    Only beef I have with all the Alexander Wang clothes used in mags is that they’re styled exactly as on the runway and there’s no interpretation. At least they didn’t give Daria a long side braid – that’s all I have to say. But your comments are hilariously spot-on!

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