coachella blowback

A few more street style looks of the model/socialite/concertgoer variety from Coachella 2010! Digging the cute rompers and summer dresses!

images: models / the cobrasnake / / refinery29


Filed under Fashion, Music, Street Style

2 responses to “coachella blowback

  1. peekaaboo

    Humm I only recognise 3 girls here.Heather Marks,Frankie Rayder and Talytha Pugliesi(I must be getting old!)
    Anyway it sure looks like a fun place to be.Imagine all the familiar faces one might cross just walking over to the Ladies uhhh toilet.
    Once again I noticed the booties.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Don’t worry you’re not out of touch!! There’s really only Harley Viera-Newton (DJ, student, played in Lissy Trullie’s band) in the 3rd pic with the red sunnies and the rest are random people, not at all famous! Seems like the most star-studded fest!

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