chic couple: joshua jackson & diane kruger

My friend and I were discussing hot celebrities — hers was Johnny Depp, mine Jake Gyllenhaal — and I went on to also name Ryan Gosling and Joshua Jackson, to which she disagreed, particularly about Josh! Hmmm, I conceded that facially he’s not tops, but my brain was just convinced of his attractiveness! Most likely because I viewed all these pics the night before and there’s just something about him being the perfect mancessory to Diane…

images: zimbio


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2 responses to “chic couple: joshua jackson & diane kruger

  1. peekaaboo

    There’s certainly something about Josh.Safe boy next door looks of course but also the manner in which he carries himself is quite sexy.I’ve always liked him since his Dawson days along with James Vanderbeek.
    Diane Kruger in a word…flawless.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Jeanne! Dawson’s Creek was the bomb for me growing up! Seminal teenage show I suppose haha…

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