shorts story

Constance Jablonski is surely sitting pretty, having just signed on along with Liu Wen to be Estée Lauder spokesmodels. The focus of this bold and bright editorial is shorts, as seen on the runways of Céline, Hermès and D&G. And yes I borrowed this post title from an OPI nail colour!

images: fashion gone rogue


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5 responses to “shorts story

  1. peekaaboo

    Judging from the mariachi musician this editorial probably had you reminiscing your stay in Mexico!
    Wow Constance is really climbing that supermodel ladder.She’s just about everywhere & at last a French model who’s serious about her career.

    Yep shorts seem to be de rigeur for summer.The weather’s been chilly and windy here this past week but the hot week before I saw on the streets lots of girls in shorts,jumpsuits and……CLOGS!Those Chanel clogs have probably started the craze.Chanel clogs here cost 820Euros/CAN$1075!
    I’ll look for cheap alternatives.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Sadly, didn’t see any actual mariachis in Mexico! But they do have a serious thing for Madonna, Britney and other divas!

    Really liking Constance, she seems dedicated. You’ve referenced French models not caring about their careers before, is that a noticeable ting?

    The weather in Vancouver’s starting to warm up this week and people are breaking out the summery clothes – no tights! And I haven’t seen anyone in clogs around here, not yet at least!

  3. peekaaboo

    Yeah Sarah numerous French models start getting attention and then…NADA!They’re usually spoiled by the family & find the rythm too fast and give up.Missing BFs is the most notable cause however.I told you I know a girl who was really heading to NY and all that but she stopped modelling becuz her BF was jealous!
    In the recent past there have been very few French super models with just the sprinkling of Audrey Marnay,Noemie Lenoir,Laetitia Casta & Fillipa Hamilton so its nice to notice a new batch of French models giving their all in modelling.I like Jennifer Messelier & Sigrid Agren btw.

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    I don’t know if I’d give up my career for a BF!
    Speaking of Noemie Lenoir – this very sad story just broke today:

  5. peekaaboo

    Yeah I just read about it too & saw it on the News.She’s been having probs with her BF who’s a soccer star here.He’s alway two timing her and I guess its driven her to depression.I don’t know what she sees in Claude Makelele who’s fugly.Imagine with all her glamourous jet setting life & hyper celeb friends & million dollar L’Oreal contract and she’s found wandering aimlessly in a forest dishevelled and delirious.So sad…..

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