my three scents

Currently rotating through Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb, Chloé’s perfume and Stella McCartney’s Stella. Guess I have a thing for flowery, girly perfumes! What’s your scent of choice or are you perfume-free?

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7 responses to “my three scents

  1. Anonymous

    definitely chloe for me, love love love the bottle

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    The Chloe bottle is soooo pretty, the ribbon’s a lovely touch! Definitely my go-to perfume lately. Thank you for commenting, hope to hear from you again!

  3. peekaaboo

    ATM I’m rotating with Chloé, Prada’s Infusion D’iris & Audace de Rochas for night.Its a discontinued line so my sister & I share an order of it every X’mas from the Rochas perfumery.Twas our Mum’s perfume we love it.

  4. sarahdanslenoir

    You must smell really good Jeanne! Haven’t smelled Rochas before, but that Prada scent is delicious and complicated – great choice. Do you and your sis live together?

  5. peekaaboo

    I love your choices too Sarah.Its hard to stay faithful to just 1 or 2 scents.I think I’ve sampled just about every perfume in exsistence.Its true Prada’s scent is pretty undefinable but I loved it immediately when I first whiffed it.As with Chloé & still bestseller Angel by Mugler.
    My sis & I don’t live together Sarah but we share the Audace perfume order every X’mas to cut the cost as its a private order & has to be re concocted at the Rochas perfumery.We love it because it reminds us of our late Mother & happy childhood memories gone forever alas.Its a rather sophisticated scent but I find it ideal for the evening.

  6. sarahdanslenoir

    Jeanne, sorry to hear about your mom… Scent is the most powerful memory trigger, so that is a lovely way to reconnect with your childhood memories.

  7. peekaaboo

    Thanks for your kind words Sarah.
    Its been awhile since she left us but I still have a lump in my throat every time I mention her.The thing about her perfume is that when my sis and I spray it on we have flashbacks of being cuddled by our Mother and being enveloped in her familiar scent during the hug. Its a good feeling and like you said a lovely way to reconnect with our happy childhood memories :)!

    Nothing is worth more than this day – Goethe

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