w’s new look

What do you think of Stefano Tonchi’s upgrades at W Magazine – do you like it? Too 80s/90s? Too gutsy to go with a cast of relative unknowns for the big September issue? I like that it’s a bit retro with wonderful minimalist photography by Inez & Vinoodh. Can’t say I care much for any of the up-and-coming actresses (Kat Dennings, Jessica Chastain, Yaya DaCosta, Greta Gerwig, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Roberts and Zoë Kravitz) on the cover either, but I’m interested to see W‘s new direction.

image: fashionologie


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2 responses to “w’s new look

  1. peekaaboo

    I must be living under a rock but I haven’t heard of any of the girls on the cover except Emma Roberts & Zoé Kravitz!
    I don’t find anything special about Tonchi’s new approach to W.It looks like Vanity Fair to me.I read that he wants it to move away from too much fashion but isn’t that what W’s about….hum.
    I shall now crawl back under my rock…..

    I know you adore Anya R Sarah so what do you think of her new Gap campaign? She’s so slim its getting shady!

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Welcome back Jeanne! Hope you had a great time on your trip!

    A lot of these girls have been in small roles or only in a few movies. Emma Roberts & Zoe Kravitz are known for their famous relations more I’m sure 😉

    Well Yaya was on ANTM, Kat Dennings was in 40-yr-old Virgin, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is gonna be in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with Michael Cera and Greta Gerwig was in Ben Stiller’s last movie… the others are new faces to me!

    Anja for the past year has been breaking my heart with her gauntness! Think she looks much older than she is because her face is so slim now 😦 Really too bad cuz I fell in love with Anja circa 2006/07 when she was healthier! It is shady all over the board!

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