the september 2010 issue

A bejeweled, sharply bobbed Halle Berry shot by who else but Mario Testino for Vogue‘s much awaited September 2010 issue. Like that her face isn’t overly Photoshopped, but am patiently waiting to see what content’s gonna fill the whopping 726 pages.

image: usa today via tfs


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3 responses to “the september 2010 issue

  1. peekaaboo

    in a word………………….GORGEOUS!!!
    I don’t care if its a little photoshopped or whatever Halle is stunning on this cover and I just love it.I read somewhere she’s the first black woman to grace an American September issue since Naomi Campbell 21(!) years ago.
    And 726 pages is a worthy buy.Definitely gonna get it.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Definitely beats the September covers from the past few years. Oh wow, big accomplishment for Halle, it looks like a nice Revlon ad! Can’t believe it’s been 21 years or that Halle hasn’t gotten a September issue before!

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