cabin fever

Just getting back into the swing of blogging after pretty much shutting off my brain for four solid days. KC graciously offered her family’s cabin up to a bunch of us and how could I say no to one last summer hurrah? Enjoyed super lazy days filled with lake swims, naps, BBQ feasts, pedal boating and stargazing. And of course went a little overboard with testing out Hipstamatic iPhone app to capture these pics. Great last summer trip!

images: my photos


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2 responses to “cabin fever

  1. peekaaboo

    It looks a really lovely place Sarah.So nice of your friend to lend you all the place.Hope it wasn’t too scary at night & no one wanted to play with the Ouiji board or watch Paranormal Activity or go looking for the Blair Witch.*shudders*

    LOL as you can see I have a morbid imagination.I’m sure you guys had a great time & twas a well deserved little break.
    Btw the first pic looks like a scene from…..The Ring! *cough choke*

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    It was ridiculously creepy sometimes – like at night or just walking around because it was almost completely deserted! Then you heard wolves howling too and the lake was kinda spooky too… just a scaredy-cat haha.

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