she’s born with it

Estée Lauder’s got Liu Wen and now Maybelline’s got 20-year-old Shu Pei Qin to appeal to the ever-growing Asian market. Signing a beauty contract is a major coup for any model and Shu Pei will be joining heavyweights Christy Turlington, Julia Stegner and Erin Wasson in the Maybelline stable.

image: next models / coacd


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3 responses to “she’s born with it

  1. peekaaboo

    Estée Lauder & Maybelline are heavyweights so obviously clever marketing strategy!The thing is North & South Americans as well as Europeans might see little of their campaigns as its targeted at the Chinese market.Gong Li does L’Oreal & we hardly see her ads in European magazines.I only see her ads when my friends from Singapore & Hong Kong bring Asian magazines over for me when they visit.
    However Maybelline is very street oriented so I think Shu Pei will be seen more than the others.
    My other favourite Chinese models are Emma Pei & the rising star Sun Fei Fei.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Funny thing is Maybelline was already using an Asian model named Anna Wang in the N. American market – I believe her heritage is Chinese too. But I think Anna’s a lot more American-looking than Shu Pei. There’s a lot of new Chinese models coming up, but I’m left wondering what happened to Han Hye Jin, Hye Park and Du Juan, the biggies from a few years back…

  3. peekaaboo

    Anna Wang has a slight hint of dark mystery & I wonder if she’s from Macau.She could pass for a Eurasian.
    Yes I wonder too what’s happened to Han Hye & Hye Park.Last I heard Hye Park wanted to take a break to finish her degree.
    As for Du Juan last I heard she had contract problems with her agency in China & fell madly in love with top San Francisco model Phillip Huang.(who wouldn’t?!!!) She now lives with him in NYC taking a break as she was so hot & in demand she had a nervous breakdown.I can believe that as she really was everywhere at one point.And where’s another fave Chinese model of mine Mo Wandan?I so love her allure.

    Here’s his HOTNESS Phillip Huang!

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