lanvin for h&m!

What are you doing November 23?? I know where I’ll be that day…  in line for the next designer H&M collection — Lanvin! An amazing coup for H&M, this news is more exciting than Christmas and better than any other designer collab H&M has done! Lanvin previously went down market with Acne for a line of denim designs, but I’m hoping Alber will whip up some wispy ribbon dresses, bow ties and darling accessories for the mass retailer… Expect collection photos on November 2, so I’ll be counting down the days and getting ready to battle the hordes!

*Update #1: The National Post says that Lanvin for H&M will drop in North American stores Saturday, November 20.

*Update #2: According to WWD, the collection will include “dresses, coats, eveningwear, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, bags, shoes, lipstick and menswear.”



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3 responses to “lanvin for h&m!

  1. peekaaboo

    I actually liked Elbaz’s Acne line.Almost bought a great slouchy denim trench but then remembered I was broke.
    Anyway its ging to be madness at the H&M stores when the collection comes out for us poor lesser mortals!Like you I’m expecting bows,pearly details,affordable versions of his whimsical embellished T-shirts & why not shoes!!!
    Personally I’ll drive to an H&M in the far suburbs where there’s a lot less hassle and no round-the-block queues.

  2. sarahdanslenoir

    Whoa you’re lucky they carry the designer lines at many H&Ms around you. In Vancouver, they only carry them at the large store downtown so it’s going to be pure insanity! All fashionistas converging on one spot the morning (or night of). Wondering how early I’m gonna have to go, starting to recruit friends right now to join me.

    I hope there are shoes and purses! But I may be aiming for too much!

  3. peekaaboo

    Only one outlet in Vancouver for an event like this is indeed so unfair and even scary. Sorry Sarah & good luck.*fingers crossed*
    I’m not sure but I think we have like 8 H&Ms in Paris alone. At least 3 in every major city here. Same with Zara. All big surburban Malls have a Zara & H&M. Nevertheless all the H&Ms in Paris always have round-the-block queues,time limited entry & purchase quotas for each customer during big events like this. People sleep outside the night before to be ahead of everyone else.
    That’s why I head out to a far surburban Mall where there are almost no queues. I had everything I wanted during the Jimmy Choo event awhile back.
    I learnt this surburban secret from a colleague at work the clever baytch LOL!

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